Last week, our whole house was engaged in watching Le Tour de France. Doug has been a fan for years so he has been explaining how this crazy race works. I believe the most interesting part, for me, has been grasping the interrelationship between the team and the individual rider—they are inextricably woven and overlapping, yet separate.

British sprinting superstar Mark Cavendish was who everyone was talking about as he was poised to tie Eddie Merckx’ 34th career Le Tour de France stage victory—a record that has lasted 50 years. As he sprinted across the finish line with three other riders on his heels, only two of them were trying to win. The third rider, his teammate Michael Mørkøv, pulled back so Cavendish could capture this historic win. He didn’t do this to be nice, it’s his job. This role in cylcing is called a domestique, a French word meaning servant. They do everything to help their leader win: they block wind, chase down threats, protect the lead, help conserve energy, and much, much more.

Most of my posts are about helping you win. Today, I want us to look around and see who we can help win. It’s great to be Mark Cavendish, but today we are going to intentionally be Michael Mørkøv. We will be the domestique, making it our job to help someone else climb up on that podium and hold the trophy. In my effort to “block the wind” for someone else, I am offer 2 free coaching sessions to the best story I receive on behalf of someone else. I will announce the winner next week. Let’s go! #helpinghands

With Gratitude,


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