The other day I was doing a quick 10-minute core workout. The online class ended with a plank. I don’t love planks, but I don’t hate them either. They are pretty straight forward, pardon the pun! Usually, the challenge is to hold the plank for some designated amount fo time, often longer than we want to hold it. This particular plank was supposed to be held for 45 seconds, nothing crazy, but still tough for me.

After working my abs for 10 minutes prior, this 45 seconds got long fast. At about the 30 second mark, I really wanted to quit. My abs were crying—and so was I, well, almost! And then I had a thought: ‘What is the worst that can happen if I don’t quit? Just pain, right?’ It’s not like my ab muscles were going to break or catch on fire or worse. So I decided to talk my mind out of quitting. I decided to accept the pain; at that point I probablly only had 10 seconds left. It worked out, I held the plank and nothing caught on fire or anything!

What, in your life, is your mind telling you to quit? Maybe it’s not even quitting, maybe it doesn’t even want you to start. Well, guess what, your mind is wrong! The only way we get better, stronger, and more successful is if we don’t always listen to our mind. This isn’t about some stupid plank, it’s about you and your dreams and your goals. And the “pain” is most likely fear of moving forward. Will you agree to move forward—for you? Ask yourself, “What is the worse that can happen? Is anything going to break or catch on fire?” No? Then LET’S GO! We got this!

With Gratitude,


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