What would happen if you hired a life coach for a year?

Built on Beth’s trademark entertaining and witty storytelling and unique and straightforward approach to helping us see things in a new way, The Wake Up Call takes us through an entire calendar year of teachings on how we can confidently step forward in every aspect of our lives.

Emerging Leaders Development Program (Coming in Sept)

This 3-month professional development program is designed to help aspiring young leaders accelerate their professional development and advance their careers. This program is the cumulation of six live online calls, each consisting of a one-hour interactive workshop that meets twice a month for three months.

In each class, Beth will explore these individual topics in-depth. She will provide perspective on how and why each of these topics can play a critical role in career development, especially for the young leader. The interactive component of these calls will allow everyone to engage fully in the curriculum. After each call, the participants will have a firm understanding of how they can take the next step to improve that particular aspect of their professional development. Completing all six classes will put these emerging leaders in a position to succeed.

The 6 class syllabus includes:

1. NAVIGATING your upward mobility/mapping your journey.

2. Creating a PRESENCE — letting your voice be heard and increasing your exposure.

3. Getting and giving CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK.

4. How to NEGOTIATE better —in work and life.

5. FAILING forward—without fear.

6. How to build your RESUME – by being the person you want to see on your resume.

Start date: Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020

Cost: $300

Virtual seating will be limited

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